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Testrun on Youtube

A few days ago I put this first test run from the layout on youtube:

First testrun on the Mainline

Check out the video showing the first testrun on the Mainline. Not all track and turnouts are installed yet, but one of the mainline track is completed, ready to run.

First run on the new layout

Check out my first run on the new layout. The lower track is installed, and I needed to check if the big AZL steamers would run on the track. Minimum radius on this part is 195 mm. 

Lower level finished, track installed, first run

The lower level of the module is now finished and all the track have been installed.

The first ever run on this new module was done tonight. Not a complete round because the tracks in the yard are not connected to power yet, but the front part has been tested.

All visible parts have got MTL track, hidden part have got some Märklin track and some Peco flextrack. I could have used MTL all over, but I have plenty of the other track and try to use Märklin and Peco in hidden areas.


Check out video: