Plans for a New small layout is under Development, inspired by the City Edge Layout made by Vic Smith. Some info about the City Edge Layout can be found here: Gotham Subdivision>City Edge. There are many videos available from the City Edge Layout, check out a couple of videos on youtube: Video1, Video2, created by Rex Smith. The layout is also featured in the September 2003 issue of Model Railroader Magazine.

Since my layout will be in Z-scale, the name will be Zity Edge Layout! Check out the BLOG here, with the latest news!

I would like to use the same idea on my New layout, having 2 simple loops, one With double track, featuring a busy american style City. The small closet I can use for the layout is only 180 cm by 145 cm, With a freezer taking a part of the room.

There will be 2 Levels, lower Level will be a single track running using a road, between the low city buildings. The High Level will be a double track, busy mainline, With a lot of running traffic and I have a track going from high Level to low Level. Instead of using a helix, the track is located in the back of the layout, running the Whole length of the layout. The difference in elevation between the levels is 67 mm. This gives an elevation grade on about 2.2% between the levels. There will be hidden tracks on all 3 loops, giving the possibility to have more traffic and change Train setups. There are a total of 21 meter(66 feet) track and 21 turnouts.

The trackplan will be as simple as possible, reducing the maintenance and give a good running quality for the layout. Some flexibility will be implemented, using a few turnouts to change the direction of some Trains. This will give some electrical Challenges, but With Automatic polaity devices, that will easy be solved.

The skyline behind the raised doubletrack mainline, will have many high buildings, creating a Nice skyline. The buildings will be made using paper as buildingmaterial, I think. I can use some of the ideas from the demolished layout, like the New York Highline inspiration.

The trackplan is under Development and will change many times before the building of the layout will start. At the moment I am busy moving from my old house to the New apartement, so it will take time before the actual building of the layout can start. In the meantime, stay tuned for the Project blog updates!!

I love this part of the hobby, planning a New layout using 3rdPlanIt on my computer. Checking out different solutions and developing the layout in front of the computerscreen.

Layout at a glance
Name: Zity Edge Layout
Scale: Z(1:220)
Size: 180x79 cm
Prototype: Inspired by City Edge Layout by Vic Smith
Era: Diesel, modern
Track length: 21 meter(66 feet)
Minimum radius: 195 mm
Maximum grade: 2,2 %
Height: 67 mm
Track: Atlas flex in visible areas, Peco and Märklin flextrack in hidden areas.
Turnouts: 21. Atlas in visible areas, Märklin in hidden areas. 
Control: NCE PowerCab DCC
Layout lighing: LED's driven by Arduino and Raspberry Pi
Buildings: Some commercial, mainly paperbuildings

Version 4 of the Zity Edge Layout(As Built):

Version 3 of the Zity Edge Layout:

Version 2 of the Zity Edge Layout:

Version 1 of the Zity Edge Layout:

The small closet with the first version of the layout.

Check out the BLOG here, with the latest news!