Welcome to the PlateLayer by Svein-Martin Holt homepage!

This site will feature my main hobby and interest, modeling Z-scale railroads. The heading, "Have you ZZeen it?", also reflects that.

Follow the building of the new Z-scale layout in the project blog.

Follow the building of the new Z-scale layout in the project blog.

The Z-scale is the smallest available major scale and it is only 1:220 in size. The more common scales, HO, 1:87, and N, 1:160, are "much" bigger than this small, tiny Z-scale.

It fit my small available space for a layout and also give some other good challenges because of it's small size.

Another good reason to select this scale, is the possibility to model big landscapes, and let the landscape with mountains, rivers, fields and other, be the main part of the layout. You can see more of the whole picture, using less space.

Since my main interest in this hobby is to plan and model landscapes, I find the scale a good Choice.

The size could be a challenge because everything are so small, but I can buy better glasses.

And I have done that. smiley

The Z-scale community has grown a lot since I started with the hobby in 1984, and I have got many, many good friends from all scales during the years of modeling. There have also been much more available from different vendors in the Z-scale the last years. That's good, but could be expensive.smiley

What's New?

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